A message from the Chairman: 

Since 1974, Motex Healthcare Group has been dedicated to develop, manafacture, and market cutting adge medical supplies to address the evolving needs of healthcare workers.
We have expanded our original products line of latex and nitrile gloves, and in the process, have achieved new levels of quality in wound dressings and medical tapes, and have designed innovative facemasks and loop adjusters, which set new standards for comfort. Meanwhile, investment in technological and human resources has enables Motex Group to ensure rapid, cost-efficient products distribution and direct services to customers anywhere in the world. 
At Motex Group, we pride ourselves on innovation, and our commitment to develop advanced will continue, as we strive for a better tomorrow. 

Motex Group CEO

Businesses Philosophy

Striving for perfect quality, superior efficiency and outstanding service to satisfy customer's requirements.
Expanding global cooperation and motivating team spirit with continuous innovation to achieve excellence.
Pursuing a greener environment and improving world healthcare levels to benefit mankind.

Establishing the Motex Group's International Network

Since 1978, Motex Group has dedicated its resources in research & development, manufacturing and marketing of leading edge in medical Latex and Nitrile gloves that address the ever-changing needs of today's healthcare workers.
Global investment in capital, technological and human resources give Motex Group the edge in ensuring rapid, cost-efficient responses to the needs of customers throughout the world. Our worldwide distribution and service network provides the most convenient and direct service proximity to every patron in any place.
With continuing striving for success, we'll always commit ourselves to develop and market the most advanced products for better tomorrow.

Multi-level Quality Control

The Motex Group guarantees product's quality meets the Strictest International Standards
International Golden Globe Award for Excellent Export Company in Taiwan
Motex products are the natural outcome through the company's strict multi-level quality control system, complying with international cleanliness and safety standards.
All operation in the manufacturing process from material's handing, production and packaging are subject to numerous inspections and five main stages of quality control to ensure that every Motex product is flawlessly manufactured.
The Motex Group, an international GMP manufacturer, has accomplished various recognitions on ISO9001/2 EN4600 1/2 and CE mark as well as US FDA regulations. All its products has surely been made in accordance with the request of global environmental protection.

World Service Network

Integrated Marketing & Transitional OEM/ODM Cooperation
Motex Healthcare Corp., the headquarters of Motex Group, is mainly in charge of the international marketing affairs.
The company's strategic leadership has been made successfully in forging cooperative relationship with other global leading manufacturers of medical products. The scope of the Group's operation now has been extending to the worldwide markets in medical and homecare fields. In order to feedback the patronage at large, the Group has established a highly efficient operations and global customer service network to make further development and strengthen the product's service.




  • 1974

    8 May: Center Industrial Corp. is established for the import/export of medical supplies.

  • 1978

    10th Aug., Modern Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. (Modern Rubber) is established to manufacture and market medical gloves and related products.

  • 1988

    20th Jan. M.R.I. Co., Ltd. (MRI) is registered in Thailand, to manufacture latex surgical and examination gloves.

  • 1996

    Modern Rubber has developed advanced gloves producing machine (Model 600AT) 30th Oct., Modern Rubber is awarded The international Golden Globe Award Certification and 4th Nov. received the certificate for Excellent Export Products made in Taiwan.

  • 1992

    MRI has met ISO9002 qualification requirement on 31st of Mar. and is awarded certification on 26th Jun.

  • 1993

    29th Jan., MRI passed the audit for surgical gloves by the US FDA, 13th Jun., Modern Rubber passed second audit for surgical gloves by US FDA.

  • 1995

    Shanghai Motex Healthcare Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China was established. In compliancewith the government's plan to make Taiwan an Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, Motex re-organizes its associated companie In Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, China to become Motex Healthcare Group.

  • 1989

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  • 1998

    19th Jan., Shanghai Motex is accredited ISO9002 Certification. Modern Rubber directed its investment into the industry of Fabrics bleaching, dyeing, and setting finishing.

  • 1999

    San Ho Tian Co., Ltd. was merged into the Motex Healthcare Group in May. 3rd Nov., Shanghai Motex is accredited ISO9002 EN46002 and CE Certification.

  • 2001

    In Jan., San Ho Tian moved to Taiwan plant. 17th April Modern Rubber was audited by TUV and accredited ISO9001 EN46001 as wall as CE Certification. In July, Modern Rubber Changed the company name to "Modern Healthcare Corp.".

  • 2002

    12th Dec., MRI Co. Ltd. Thailand Managing Director T.Y. Cheng awarded the 11th Annual Models of Overseas Chinese Youth Entrepreneur.

  • 2003

    1st July, Center Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd. established for manufacturing face masks, hoods, and other non-woven protective products for local and overseas markets.

  • 2004

    Motex Group expands its R & D Department to develop innovative products to satisfy the ever-changing needs of medical supplies.

  • 2005

    Motex Group obtains numerous awards for its innovative patented products:
    “Diamond Shape Super Comfort Face Mask” wins Gold Medal Award of Merit in the United States, China and Taiwan. It also wins the Silver Medal Award of Merit in Germany.
    “Safety Tape Dispenser” wins Bronze Medal Award of Merit in Germany.
    “Multi-layer Medical Gloves” wins Bronze Medal Award of Merit in Taiwan.13th Dec., Chairman of Motex Group Y.C.Cheng is awarded the Recognition of achievement in the area of New Inventions by Int’l Tech. University, USA. He is also granted the Honorary Inventor’s PhD by TIIAWA, Taiwan

  • 2006

    10th June, Motex Group obtains 3 awards in 2006 INPEX Pittsburgh, USA: Gold Medal Award of Merit for “Safety Tape Dispenser”, Silver for “Multi-Function Mask Hood” and Bronze for “Strippable Multi-Layer Medical Gloves”.

  • 2007

    Motex wins “the 1st National Innovation and Technology prize” in Taiwan for its Diamond Shape Face mask, and was awarded with the “Product of Excellence” by the President of Taiwan.

  • 2008

    Motex wins the “2008 Taiwan Excellence” award as well as both a Gold Medal and a Special prize as Pittsburgh’s INPEX for its Long-lasting Fragrant Diamond Shape Face mask.

  • 2010

    MRI assembled three sets of the newest generation fully automatic gloves manufacturing machines.
    Motex seek to boost OEM cooperation and international branding its clients.