Motex Healthcare Corp.



Taiwan Plant - Center Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd., Modern Healthcare Corp

The company manufacture and export the various face masks and wound dressings and serves as the Group's research and development center where is in charge of developing advanced products and technology which, are then transferred to all Group's affiliates.

Land26,000 M2
Building8,300 M2
Facilities Machine of face mask - 15 sets
Machine of wound dressings - 12 sets
Machine of medical tape - 1 set
Capacity Flat shape face mask - 100 million pcs/year
Diamond shape face masks - 20 million pcs/year
Wound dressings - 50 million pcs/year
Medical tape - 20 million pcs/year

Thailand Plant - M.R.I. Co., Ltd.

Since 1989, M.R.I. Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacture and export of the natural latex medical gloves in Thailand where is the major origin of raw latex.

Land32,000 M2
Building10,500 M2
Gloves machine 11 sets
CapacitySurgical gloves - 50 million pairs/year
Exam. gloves - 500 million pcs/year

China Plant – Shanghai Motex Healthcare Co. Ltd.

Located in the suburbs of Shanghai, 17 km from western Shanghai downtown, producing a diverse range of medical gloves including Synthetic (Nitrile) gloves. It's forged to make cooperation with Motex's Taiwan and Thailand operations in expanding the Group's products and service.

Land18,000 M2
Building6,60 M2
Gloves machine4 lines
CapacitySurgical gloves - 50 million pairs/year
Exam. gloves - 150 million pcs/year